Plas-Tanks Industries is an ISO-9001 registered composite vessel manufacturer, who also holds the ASME RTP-1® for pressure and vacuum vessels as well. They serve the water and wastewater treatment industry with:

  • Reinforced Thermoset Plastic (RTP) brinemakers
  • RTP Storage tanks
  • RTP Mixing tanks
  • RTP Process vessels

Featured Product

Plas-Tanks ImageFRP Vessels

Fiberglass Reinforced Tanks

Reinforced Advantages of Unlimited Flexibility

Plas-Tanks adapts to your needs and requirements. Our thorough knowledge of materials science and structural dynamics means the tank you buy is the best for your application. No seams to weld and lighter weight means you use less costly lifting equipment. Maintenance is minimized because durable FRP will not rust or corrode. Exterior painting is not required and cleaning requires only a periodic wash with water.

Experience the Plas-Tanks Advantage

360 degrees of support to eliminate stress contractions.

FRP protects and prevents contamination in aggressive chemical environments, such as strong acids and alkalis.

Plasta-therm offers freeze protection when temperature control is critical to a process. Coupled with insulating foam, Plasta-therm provides for ultimate protection with maximum efficiency.

Plas-Tanks’ fabrication capabilities include shop-built (1′ – 15′ diameters) and field assembly (16′ – 35’+ diameters).

Plas-Tanks automatically designs vessels for the seismic region in which they will be located.

Plas-Tanks provides an exclusive two-year warranty backing for manufactured vessels

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