ECO Gear Pumps

ECO gear pumps offer the reliability you need to safely handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating liquids. Extensive material options provide versatility for pumping low or high viscosity fluids over a broad range of temperatures, pressures, and corrosive service. Typical applications include chemical transfer, cyclic operation and continuous production systems, both open ended and closed-loop. ECO gear pumps are well suited for pilot plants, vacuum systems, and metering applications.

Featured Product

ECO Gearchem Series 2 (ECO GA2)

ECO Rotary Pump ImageThe Gearchem pumps are designed for continuous on duty use. They are constructed out of the strongest material available to provide superior chemical resistance and assure long life. Designed to handle a variety of process liquids including liquefied gasses, the G2, GA2, and GC2 can handle highly viscous fluids to very thin, clear, non-abrasive fluids. Typically employed to transfer fluids they are equally advantageous in metering fluids because of their consistency.

Key Features
  • Gearchem pumps offer laminar flows for consistent, continuous and measurable transfer of liquids.
  • Fully inline serviceable. Do not need to disconnect from piping.
  • Self-priming and bi-directional
  • Closed running and operating clearance evacuate air from the suction piping
  • Can handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating fluids including hydrocarbons and polymers
  • Variety of gears available and easily convertible to satisfy different service conditions
  • All gear materials are non-sparking for use with hazardous fluids
  • Internal sleeve type bearings are lubricated by process fluid eliminating the need for periodic lubrication maintenance and prevents contamination of external lubrication materials
  • Three types of seals and two packing arrangements available
Operating Benefits
  • Simplified maintenance due to quick disassembly
  • Do not require periodic lubrication, since the pumped fluid provides the necessary lubrication and cooling.
  • Possibility of contamination of pumped fluid is eliminated
  • Bi-directional for easy installation
  • Dual purposed: can be used as either a transfer pump or a metering pump
  • Handles a variety of fluids and viscosities
  • Has superior chemical resistance
Flow up to: 1.5 gpm (6.8 l/m)
Pressure up to: 175 Psig (12 bar)

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