Viking LACT Pumps

Viking Pump is the Global Leader in Positive Displacement Pumping Solutions, from solving transfer challenges for Standard Oil during the depression in the 1920’s to today, where Viking Pumps are used in almost every process where oil or oil derivatives are found. With the advancements in unconventional oil exploration and production, Viking Pump has created a series of products tailored for the upstream and midstream oil fields and specifically for LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) pipeline injection service.


  • A complete line of Pipeline Injection pumps and strainers
  • Pipeline Injection pumps expertly selected to operate reliably
  • Common Port Location (CPL) on booster pumps allows smaller pumps to be retrofitted after IP without changing motor, baseplate, or centerline heights of piping. *special order on some models*
  • Easy maintenance / zero pipe disruption with back pullout design on charge and booster pumps
  • Every injection pump is performance tested on the Viking Pump state of the art automated test stand
  • Backed by the Viking Pump 12-month warranty on workmanship and part defects
  • Thousands of pump installations across multiple geographic shale plays, varying viscosities, and pipeline pressures up to 1,500PSI
  • US Based, vertically integrated manufacturing  facilities all located in Cedar Falls, IA

Pipeline Injection Pump