Wright Flow Lobe Pumps

Wright Flow TechnologiesCircumferential Piston Pumps

Wright Flow Technologies proudly introduces to its circumferential piston range of pumps its new Revolution™ pump in circumferential piston modality. The new Revolution™ along with the TRA10 and TRA20 offer a reliable positive displacement circumferential piston pumping principle that has been proven over many decades. The TRA10, TRA20 and Revolution™ are all dimensionally interchangeable with Waukesha® for comparable models. This makes it very easy for the customers to upgrade their pumps.

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Wright Flow Technologies is well known for its design and manufacture of rotary lobe pumps for over 30 years, including the brand new Revolution and other top-quality pumps such as the SteriLobe, Classic+, AccuLobe, and RTP pumps. Each with its distinct place in the market, this range of hygienic pumps can be used across the sanitary market from food to high-end pharmaceuticals plus many applications in fine chemicals and more industrial applications.

Lobe Pump Models