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As a distributor of industrial and commercial air handling equipment in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states since 1958, Centennial Equipment can provide expertise for all your industrial air handling needs. We work with a selection of major industrial air handling unit manufacturers to provide solutions tailored for your requirements.

At Centennial Equipment, we help customers meet unique commercial air handling challenges with cost effective solutions. Our experienced staff will partner with you to evaluate your specific heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidification requirements for your existing application or new application. We design customized, energy efficient, and dependable industrial air handling systems that meet the space, cost and performance requirements of your facility.

Your Industrial Air Handling Systems Experts

Contact Centennial Equipment today to learn more about our selection, installation and maintenance services for commercial and industrial air handling equipment. We look forward to partnering with you to design, install and/or maintain an air handling system that works efficiently and reliably to meet your air requirements.

What Is Industrial Air Handling?

An industrial air handler unit draws untreated air into the industrial air handling system, heats or cools it, and then forces the treated air into open space or into ducts that carry it to space to be heated or cooled. In most cases, the industrial air handler will also mix make-up air (or outdoor air) with the flow to improve air quality, increase volume, or assist in combustion. The purpose of an industrial air handling unit is to circulate air throughout a heating/cooling system in a setting like a warehouse, factory and manufacturing plant. Industrial air handling systems are large, and they require regular maintenance to run for days or weeks at a time. Industrial air handling systems may include gas pressure boosters, industrial fans & blowers, and industrial vacuum systems to ensure the proper management of air.

What are Industrial Air Handling Systems Used For?

Industrial air handling units are used to properly ventilate the interior of a facility with outside air, and they handle other functions as well including:

  • Purifying, filtration and control of the quality of the air that will reach the interior
  • Air-conditioning or renewing the indoor air
  • Controlling the air temperature so that the thermal sensation in the interior is the desired one
  • Monitoring and adjusting relative humidity to improve indoor comfort

Industrial air handlers are essential to regulate and circulate air in indoor spaces. An industrial air handling system designed for your application can meet your requirements for properly conditioned air at the right price level.

Benefits of Industrial Air Handling

When industrial air handling systems are designed to meet the exact needs of an application, they can perform the space heating and cooling functions of an air conditioner, as well as air cleaning and humidity adjustment. The benefits of an industrial or commercial air handler unit include:

  • Improvement in stale building air
  • More comfortable working environment
  • Reduced issues with mold, condensation, and decay

For a speedier, more reliable installation and reduced lifecycle cost, industrial air handling equipment should be chosen and sized with an awareness of the requirements for that application.

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