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As an industrial mixer distributor in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states, Centennial Equipment can provide expertise for all your industrial mixer and agitator needs. Whether you are looking for an industrial mixer for sale, or service for your existing industrial mixer, we work the top industrial mixer manufacturers to provide solutions tailored for your requirements.

Our experienced staff will work with you to evaluate your specific mixing requirements for your unique mixing challenges. We design customized, cost effective, dependable industrial mixer solutions with the optimal motor, shaft, and impeller suited to your application.

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As an industrial mixer supplier, we look forward to partnering with you to select or maintain heavy duty industrial mixers that work efficiently and reliably to meet your mixing requirements.

We offer a broad variety of industrial agitators from the top industrial mixer manufacturer, SPXFlow. Browse our industrial electric mixer products below.


What Are Industrial Mixers and Agitators?

A heavy duty industrial mixer is a piece of bulk processing equipment that induces flow and/or shear to your fluids to promote your specific process results. Although the terms industrial mixer and industrial agitator are used interchangeably, there is a difference between mixing and agitating.

An industrial mixer can be used to blend two or more different components (such as two fluids or a fluid and a powdered solid) together so they are distributed randomly through one another, or mixed.

An industrial agitator can be used to ensures homogeneity and equilibrium in an existing mixture. Agitating implies that a fluid is mechanically forced to flow in a circular pattern or another pattern around a vessel. Industrial agitators usually start with an existing mixture and ensure that the mixture has uniform consistency, prevents temperature gradients, suspends solids, and prevents formation of concentrations.

What are Industrial Size Mixers and Agitators used for?

An industrial agitator or industrial mixer can handle liquid, gaseous, and solid media like granules and powders. Industrial mixers and agitators can also be used for slurries, suspensions, and highly viscous liquids. Some Industrial agitator uses include:
  • Solids Suspension
  • Homogenization
  • Temperature Uniformity
  • Dissolution
  • Dissolving
  • Gas Dispersion
  • Blending
  • BS&W

Benefits of Industrial Mixers and Agitators

In most manufacturing operations, mixing is a key stage in producing the final result. With the right industrial mixers a manufacturer can:
  • reduce production time
  • lower operational costs
  • combine dispensing equipment with mixing
  • adhere to government regulations (EPA, OCSHA, etc.)
  • reduce energy usage and waste treatment
  • readily move to the next batch

Various types of industrial size mixers, motors, impellers, and shafts are available at many price points depending on the specific mixing application. Selecting the right industrial mixing equipment requires analysis of the fluid type, sizing (batch size and vessel size), and mixing design for the specific nature of media. Whether you need a big industrial mixer or small, our team offers heavy duty industrial mixer solutions for your specialized requirements.