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Centennial Equipment is the Vanton Pump distributor for Colorado and Wyoming. Our knowledgeable sales engineers have years of experience providing Vanton Pump selection assistance to our customers.

Since 1988, Centennial Equipment has been offering Vanton Pump service and expertise, focusing on their industry leading Chemically Resistant Pumps.

Vanton Pump Parts, Repair & Service

Centennial Equipment is an experienced repair center for Vanton Pump. With years of Vanton Pump experience, Centennial Equipment is the most qualified to perform any Vanton Pump repairs. We also stock the Vanton Pump parts most frequently needed.

Vanton Pump Industry Applications

Vanton Pumps are designed for Chemical/Chemical Transfer applications and any ANSI Pump and Mag-Drive pump applications. Vanton Pump’s Thermoplastic Construction, Mag-Drive models, and ANSI Compatibility set them apart from other pumps.

Vanton Pump Featured Articles

Vanton Technical Library – Recommendations by fluid and industry.

About Vanton Thermoplastic Pumps

Since 1950, Vanton Pump has pioneered engineered thermoplastic pumps. Vanton chemical pump designs are ideal for corrosive, abrasive, and ultrapure liquids. Vanton thermoplastic pumps are engineered to provide the ultimate in performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance.

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