Regenerative Turbine

Centennial Equipment is a regenerative turbine pump distributor for Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. We offer cost effective regenerative pump solutions for your specific pump requirements.

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Contact Centennial Equipment for assistance selecting or maintaining a regenerative turbine pump to ensure an efficient, reliable solution. Centennial Equipment offers a range of regenerative turbine pumps of various sizes and specifications. Browse our regenerative turbine pump products below.


What Is a Regenerative Turbine Pump?

A regenerative pump, also called a turbine pump, has an impeller that has vanes on both sides of the rim. These vanes rotate in a ringlike channel in the pump's casing. As a result, the fluid does not discharge freely from the tip of the impeller but is instead recirculated. Because of this design, a regenerative turbine pump differs from a centrifugal pump. It accelerates the fluid to convert kinetic energy to potential energy by breaking the acceleration/pressurization process into dozens of separate steps, slightly accelerating and slightly pressurizing the fluid with each step.

What Are Regenerative Turbine Pumps Used for?

Regenerative turbine pumps are a low-capacity high-head type of pump, combining the high discharge pressure of a positive displacement type pump with the flexible operation of a centrifugal pumps. Regenerative turbine pumps are used in a wide variety of industries including Boiler & Hot Water, HVAC, Commercial Building & Construction, Refrigeration, Process Pumping, Industrial Pumping, Water/Wastewater & Municipal.

Clean Water Pump

Regenerative turbine pumps are clean water pumps that are best suited for applications with clean fluids and systems due to tight impeller-to-casing clearances. Depending on the size of the pump, the clearance may be as little as 1/1000” on each side.

Boiler Water Pump

A regenerative turbine pump can be ideal as a boiler water pump for low NPSH hot water pumping applications. Both the pump inlet and pumping techniques can reduce the NPSH required by the pump to handle hot fluids near boiling point with minimal cavitation. When water nears its boiling point, it becomes difficult to draw the fluid into the pump inlet without vaporizing it and causing vapor lock. Regenerative Turbines have some of the best resistance to cavitation erosion and can often handle vapor in excess of 20% for a period of time.

Benefits of Regenerative Turbine Pumps

For low flow applications that involve moderate to high pressures, regenerative turbine pumps offer the most economical, high-performance alternative. These pumps can help lower operating cost and deliver high efficiency pumping operation, even at low NPSH. Selecting the right regenerative turbine pump helps optimize performance. Contact our team for durable, cost-effective pumping solutions in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states.