Municipal Water & Wastewater

As a municipal pump distributor in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states, Centennial Equipment provides custom pumping solutions to fit the broad spectrum of municipal and industrial needs. We work with a selection of the top pump manufacturers to provide cutting-edge water and wastewater pumps to the municipal market.

Your Expert Municipal Pump Distributor

Centennial Equipment engineers design reliable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly municipal pumping solutions for clean water and the proper disposal of wastewater. We offer a broad selection of water management pumping solutions from top manufacturers, including municipal water pumps, municipal wastewater pumps, booster pumps for municipal water, and municipal sewage pumps. Browse our municipal pump products below.

What Type of Pump Is a Municipal Water Pump?

Most pump types (such as centrifugal, cantilever, or hand water pumps) can be used in municipal water pump service applications. Water pumps can handle clear water such as condensate collected from a steam system for reheating and reuse, ground water, potable water, or salt water. Slurries, on the other hand, are best handled by wastewater or sewage pumps.

What Type of Pump Is a Municipal Wastewater Pump?

Most municipal wastewater pumps move fluids either by centrifugal force or positive displacement.
  • Centrifugal pumps generate velocity through centrifugal force, using rotating impellers to increase velocity and pushing the water through an outlet valve.
  • Positive displacement pumps use impellers, gears, or rollers to move the water into a fixed cavity. When the water exists, vacuum draws in more fluid. Diaphragm pumps are commonly used positive displacement pumps that include a diaphragm and chamber, with suction and discharge check valves that prevent backflow.

When Are Municipal Water and Wastewater Pumps Used?

Pumps are used throughout the whole municipal water cycle.

Municipal water pumps are used to transport and distribute fresh water for human, industrial, and agricultural use. Often located near a water treatment facility or a potable water storage facility, they usually pump directly into the distribution piping system. Booster pumps may be added to increase pressure in the system where high-pressure zones are required to keep the water moving, or to handle peak flows.

Municipal wastewater pumps are used to collect sewage, drainage, effluent, and seepage water in residential, agricultural, light commercial, and industrial areas. Several different types of pumps may be used as a municipal wastewater pump, depending on the application.

Centrifugal pumps are often used for:
  • Raw Wastewater
  • Flush Water Primary Sludge
  • Spray Water
  • Secondary Sludge
  • Seal Water
  • Effluent Wastewater
Positive Displacement pumps tend to be specified for:
  • Primary Sludge
  • Thickened Sludge
  • Digested Sludge
  • Slurries
  • Chemical Feed Applications
Progressive Cavity pumps may be used for all types of sludge and slurries.

Selecting a Municipal Pump

Choosing the best municipal water or wastewater pump helps optimize performance, reduce cost, and save energy and water.

When selecting a municipal water pump, it’s important to understand flow discharge pressure, material of construction, and the available power source. In order to evaluate flow output, the pressure or head that the pump is working against should be considered, as well as a number of factors:

  • Capacity of the pump
  • Significance of the water supply project
  • Cost of the pumping arrangement
  • Maintenance cost of the project
  • Quantity of water to be pumped
  • Size and orientation of the pump
  • Number of pumping units required for the project

For municipal wastewater pumps, the number of pumps and capacity should provide head capacity characteristics that closely correspond to wastewater quantity fluctuations. In other words, it’s important to consider all conditions of head and capacity under which the pumps will be required to operate.

Our team can develop durable, cost-effective pumping solutions for your water and wastewater pump requirements in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. Whether you need a new municipal pump or repair of an existing pump, contact Centennial Equipment for solutions that offer a long life-cycle and minimum maintenance requirements.