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What Are Industrial Exchangers?

An industrial heat exchanger is a piece of industrial equipment used to transfer thermal energy from one fluid medium to another, usually by conduction or convection. The fluid may be a gas or a liquid, or even a mixture of the two. An industrial heat exchanger can be used in environments that involve high pressure, high temperatures, and corrosive materials, so these heat transfer devices are generally designed to be sturdy and built from robust materials. Although a heat exchanger can be used primarily for either heating or cooling, heat transfer in industry most often involves cooling to prevent volatile substances or equipment from overheating.

What Is an Industrial Heat Exchanger Used for?

Industrial heat transfer is used in nearly every industrial facility because most processes rely on the transfer of thermal energy. Heat transfer in industry is used to generate electricity, to control systems and working environments, and to manufacture products. Industrial heat exchangers are used:
  • as components of air conditioning and cooling systems
  • in heating systems
  • to regulate safe temperature of equipment, chemicals, water, or gas
  • to capture and transfer heat exhaust or steam byproduct to be used elsewhere

Benefits of Each Type of Industrial Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger suppliers manufacture a range of industrial heat exchanger models that are specialized for industrial heat transfer applications. Each type of industrial heat exchanger has its own unique benefits that may make it the most cost-effective option or best design for a given application.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

A shell and tube industrial heat exchanger consists of a tubular shell with multiple isolated tubes inside. Shell and tube heat exchangers offer:
  • Internal reliability because they are more resistant to scale formation
  • Ability to increase or decrease power by adjusting the length and diameter of pipes or the number of sections
  • Long service life

Industrial Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

Industrial plate and frame heat exchanger models are designed with a large number of corrugated metal plates separated by tightly fitting seals. Industrial plate heat exchangers offer:
  • High efficiency due to the large surface area available for industrial heat transfer
  • Compact size depending on the number of plates needed for the application
  • Wide range of uses and capacities
  • Flexible cost depending on the number of plates installed
  • Reduced repair cost replacing individual worn or damaged plates rather than the entire industrial heat exchanger

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

An air-cooled industrial heat exchanger uses ambient air to cool and condense the working medium. The advantage of an air-cooled industrial heat exchanger is that it does not use water for cooling, so it can be used in environments that lack sufficient cold water. Choosing the Right Type of Industrial Heat Exchanger Industrial exchangers are available at various price points. Choosing the best industrial heat exchanger helps optimize performance, while poor selection leads to wasted energy and increased cost. Some of the factors to keep in mind when designing and choosing a heat exchanger include:
  • type of fluids, the fluid stream, and their properties
  • desired thermal outputs
  • size limitations
  • cost of acquisition and maintenance
Our team can develop durable, cost-effective industrial heat exchanger solutions for your unique requirements in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. Contact Centennial Equipment today and let our team find the right industrial heat transfer solution for your business.