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Centennial Equipment is the exclusive Lightnin representative for Colorado, Wyoming, and Eastern MT. As a Lightnin representative, our staff of knowledgeable sales engineers is factory trained to provide expert Lightnin Agitators selection assistance to our customers. For over 20 years, Centennial Equipment has been providing Lightnin Mixers & Agitators expertise, repeatedly earning recognition as a top selling Lightnin representative with Million Dollar sales awards and sales growth awards. With the most knowledgeable sales engineers in the area, Centennial Equipment specializes in Lightnin Portable Agitators, Heavy Duty Agitators, Top Entering Mixers, and Stainless-Steel Sanitary Mixers

Lightnin Mixer & Agitator Parts, Repair and Service

Centennial Equipment is the certified repair facility for Lightnin. As the certified service center, Centennial Equipment is the most qualified to perform your Lightnin mixer repairs. To ensure maximum uptime, we also stock the most commonly needed Lightnin parts. If an on-premise consultation is needed, contact us.

Lightnin Mixer Industry Applications

Lightnin agitators are ideally suited for mixing requirements in Pharmaceutical, Mining, Fertilizer, Solids Suspension, Blending, Chemical Processing, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Food and Beverage.

Lightnin Mixer Advantages

Lightnin offers specialized services for mixing applications, including Lab Testing, R&D, Startup and Commissioning, and CFDs.

Lab Testing and R&D

Lightnin lab testing can help solve specific processing challenges, with a mixing lab that simulates industrial use. Lightnin’s lab is equipped to model test liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid, or gas-liquid-solid mixing applications. Lightnin R&D centers specialize to develop custom manufacturing equipment and processing solutions. These R&D centers around the globe are optimized to design, test, and refine custom solutions.

Startup and Commissioning

Centennial Equipment and if required, a certified Lightnin lab technician supervises installation and configuration for startup. This ensures a productive, effective start-up that meets planned operation dates.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFDs)

Lightnin’s research and design center has the capacity to generate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) theoretical models. CFD analysis can help with technology selection to achieve required flow and heat transfer rates.

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About Lightnin Mixers

Since 1923, Lightnin has been a global leader in industrial mixing technology, with unparalleled process knowledge and technological innovation. Now an SPX FLOW brand, Lightnin provides solutions for waste and water treatment, as well as the processing of solvents, food/beverages, fertilizers, biofuels and pharmaceuticals. Lightnin mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculators for fluid process systems are known throughout the world for their durable, long-lasting quality. Lightnin offers both portable and larger fixed-mount mixers, and a range of impeller designs for diverse applications.

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