AODD-Air Operated Diaphragm

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What Is an AODD Pump?

An AODD pump is a positive displacement pump that uses compressed air to transfer a known volume of liquid from point A to point B. Because AODD pumps are available in a wide variety of materials, there is a dual diaphragm pump for almost any liquid, including those with high solids content, high viscosity, or wide ranges of PH.

Air Diaphragm Pump Operation

An air diaphragm pump uses compressed air as a power source. The compressed air is shifted from one chamber to the other by a linked shaft that allows the chambers to move simultaneously, with a patented air valve that directs compressed air between two sides of the pump. This back-and-forth motion forces liquid out of one chamber and into the discharge piping, while at the same time the other chamber is being filled with liquid.

What Is an AODD Pump Used for?

An air operated double diaphragm pump is used for transferring a wide range of products—from water to highly solid-laden liquids. Typically, an AODD pump is used where compressed air is readily available. An AODD diaphragm pump is well suited for a variety of conditions:
  • solids
  • thicker liquids
  • applications that require self-priming or suction lift
  • potential run dry conditions
  • explosion proof specs
  • variable flow rates
  • shear sensitive liquids
  • submerged operation
  • portability requirements
  • applications that call for dead heading
Each application has its own requirements, and a diaphragm drum pump can be modified to achieve the flow rates required while also maintaining long pump life. Specialized uses for an AODD pump include:
  • ultra-high purity chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • alcoholic beverages
  • food products
  • higher viscosities
  • high solids contents
  • highly explosive liquids
  • paints and coatings
  • acids
  • powders

Benefits of an Air Diaphragm Pump

Air driven double diaphragm pump applications are broad because AODD pumps are capable of safely and effectively handling anything. Their flexibility allows one pump to tackle numerous applications without costly motor drives or critical sizing calculations. Some of the advantages of a double diaphragm pneumatic pump include:
  • low cost
  • simple construction, so they are easy to use and require minimal assembly because they can be used immediately once connected to a compressed air line
  • low maintenance
  • versatility and ability to pump most materials from water to solids-laden slurries—including volatile and dangerous liquids
  • no stalling or clogging because they do not use oil or lubricants
  • lightweight portability due to the fact they require no electricity
  • safety due to design that does not require electricity or fuel other than compressed air (available ATEX certified)
  • fully sealed design
  • dry running capability, meaning they can run dry for an extended time without damaging the pump or system
  • ability to pump solid-laden fluids without pump or product damage
  • self-priming capability and ability to work in suction lift applications
  • safe deadhead operation without pump or product damage, so they are ideally suited for intermittent applications
  • shear sensitive operation, so they don't shear or separate the product being pumped, which is critical for products like paints and coatings that cannot be altered during transport
  • submersible designs that can operate without safety or performance issues
  • sealless design with no expensive mechanical seals or packing
  • variable flow and head pressures without sophisticated controls
  • Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Cost

    An air operated double diaphragm pump’s cost is normally less than the cost of other positive displacement pump styles (like lobe, gear or progressive cavity pumps). In addition, AODD pumps are known for reliability and versatility. They operate efficiently and require few repairs and low maintenance.

    To achieve the most favorable lifetime cost for an AODD pump, several factors are more important than the initial AODD pump price. The overall cost of running the AODD pump also depends on your environment and the pump’s efficiency, as well as the cost of energy and air consumption.

    Choosing the best air operated double diaphragm pump helps optimize performance, while poor selection leads to wasted energy and increased cost. When choosing a diaphragm pump, ensure that it is properly sized and constructed from the right materials for the application.

    Our team can develop durable, cost-effective double diaphragm pump solutions for your unique requirements in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. Contact us today and let our team help you determine the right air diaphragm pump solution for your process.