Vacuum Pumps

As a commercial and industrial vacuum pump supplier in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states since 1958, Centennial Equipment can provide expertise for all your vacuum pump system needs. We are known as a top industrial vacuum equipment company and provide solutions tailored for your requirements.

Industrial Vacuum Equipment Experts

We help customers meet unique industrial vacuum system challenges with cost effective solutions. Our experienced staff will partner with you to evaluate your specific vacuum requirements and ensure the correct industrial vacuum pump flow rate, vacuum levels, chemical compatibility, and lubrication method for your process.

We offer a wide range of customized, energy efficient, and dependable industrial and commercial vacuum systems that will meet the appropriate vacuum pressure level for any application including industrial vacuum systems for thermoforming and packaging systems. Browse our industrial vacuum pumps below.


What Are Industrial Vacuum Pump Systems?

An industrial vacuum pump is a pump used to create, improve, and maintain a vacuum suction. To do this, industrial vacuum pumps remove gases from the vacuum chamber. The removal of extra molecules gets progressively more difficult as the pressure in the chamber is lowered, so an industrial vacuum system needs to be able to operate across a wide pressure range. Depending on the application, a combination of industrial vacuum pumps may be tied together in a multi-pump system.

Types of Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps use various technologies depending on the application requirements.
  • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps are suitable for higher pressure differences in vacuum applications.
  • Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps use direct drive via an integrated frequency inverter. The rotors with screw profile rotate in opposite directions and are contactless. The working chamber of the machines is 100% oil-free.
  • Booster Pumps are dry positive displacement pumps that are ideal when high pumping speeds are required.
  • Radial Vacuum Pumps are designed for high delivery volumes where the volume flow can be precisely adapted to customer requirements. They are wear free and maintenance free due to their fast and contactless rotating impeller.
  • Claw Vacuum Pumps are 100% oil free with claw-like rotors that rotate within the compression chamber in opposite directions without touching one another or the housing. The claw technology ensures a high degree of efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Regenerative Blowers generate suction with a contactless, fast rotating impeller that makes them wear and maintenance free.

What Is an Industrial Vacuum Pump Used for?

In general, an industrial vacuum pump is used to create a vacuum space by removing gas from a sealed enclosure. Their main function is to clean and seal, and many think of industrial vacuum systems for dust.

However, industrial vacuum pumps are also used in processes as varied as dewatering saturated materials, filtering liquid from slurries, evaporative drying and pneumatic conveying. Vacuum pump capabilities are required in a number of applications, including:

  • Composite molding
  • Cutting glasses and stones
  • Woodworking
  • Transporting fuel, wastewater, and chemicals
  • Printing
  • Photolithography
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Oil regeneration and refining
  • Food and beverage processes

Benefits of a Lubricated Industrial Vacuum Pump vs an Oilless Industrial Vacuum Pump

When selecting the right industrial vacuum pump, consider whether or not lubricating the vacuum pump is necessary.

Lubricated Industrial Vacuum Pump: A vacuum pump that is oiled has higher efficiency, durability, and resistance. It does, however, need frequent maintenance. It may also need a cold trap because the oil condenses steam and reduces pump capacity.

Oilless Industrial Vacuum Pump: A dry vacuum pump is one that does not use oil, so there is no oil to contaminate the product. Dry vacuum pumps are preferred in a laboratory setting, or for food processing. However, dry vacuum pumps are more susceptible to moisture, and high temperatures as well because there is no cooling liquid.

Cost Effective Industrial Vacuum Systems

Many types of industrial vacuum pumps are available at various price points. The frequency of maintenance cycles affects the total cost of your installation, which will include not only the purchase price but also operation and maintenance costs. Choosing the best industrial vacuum equipment helps optimize performance and reduce overall cost.