Canned Motor

Centennial Equipment is your canned motor pump distributor for Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. We work with the largest canned motor pump manufacturer in the world to offer solutions tailored for your leak free pump requirements.

Your Canned Motor Pump Experts

Our staff can help select a cost effective, energy efficient, and dependable canned motor pump solution based on the pumped fluid and performance specifications of your unique application. We offer canned motor centrifugal pumps in every Annex D circulation plan included in API 685. Learn more about canned motor pumps below.

What Is a Canned Motor Pump?

A canned motor pump, or “hermetic pump,” is a one-piece pump made up of a traditional centrifugal hydraulic pump end connected to a special motor. Because the pump ends are hermetically sealed to the motors, they do not contain mechanical seals. The motor’s stator is canned in the air gap, so the pumped liquid is confined in the motor’s rotor chamber and circulates through the rotor chamber. This cools the motor and lubricates the bearings that support the rotor. The casing of the chamber forms a sealless enclosure that confines the liquid without any dynamic sealing.

What Are Canned Motor Pumps Used for?

Robust and reliable, canned motor pumps are often specified in the chemical, oil, gas & petrochemical and refrigeration industries. A canned motor pump is often preferred for applications that involve dangerous and toxic liquids and/or for essential and critical industrial processes They are capable of transporting critical media and withstanding extreme operating conditions.

Benefits of Canned Motor Pumps

The most commonly recognized benefit of a Canned Motor Pump is the absence of a mechanical seal, which would have the potential to leak. The double seal barrier ensures a completely leak-proof design. Therefore, canned pumps are widely considered the safest and most reliable pumping solution. Other advantages include:
  • Absence of a mechanical seal optimizes mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Simple design ensures low maintenance costs and long running life.
  • Expensive and complex lubrication or cooling systems are not necessary, and lubrication levels don’t need to be checked and maintained. The pumped fluid provides cooling and thin film lubrication of both the motor and bearings.
  • “One-piece” design means the pump can meet more compact space requirements.
  • Quiet operation is achieved since no fan is necessary to cool the motor, and all rotating parts operate within the thick motor shell.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Airtight design means the pump is ideal for vacuum services or for fluids with high reactivity to atmosphere.
  • Hermetically sealed pumps handle toxic, explosive, expensive, hazardous, carcinogenic and corrosive fluids without leakage or emissions.

Canned Motor Pump Cost

When choosing a canned motor pump, we can help ensure that it is properly sized and constructed from the right materials for the application. Our team can develop durable, cost-effective canned motor pump solutions for your unique requirements in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. Contact us today and let our team help you select the canned motor pump best suited to process.