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Micro Clean | Vacuum Tools and Attachments | Clean Room and Electronic Manufacturing

Micro Clean tools offer versatile, easy to use solutions to remove small particles, dust, and other contaminants from individual work areas. Micro Clean vacuum tools provide micro cleaning for chip component and disc drive assembly, electronic parts, and soldering benches, printed circuit board touch-up, laser bonding and trimming. They are the ultimate vacuum tool solution for individual use in laboratories, clean room, and other manufacturing environments where cleanliness is required.

Centennial Equipment has been the exclusive manufacturer of Micro Clean vacuum tools and accessories since 1995. Micro Clean vacuum tools have been successfully used for facility clean room contamination control and micro cleaning applications worldwide.

Exclusive Rotary Valve Design

Micro Clean features an exclusive Rotary Valve design with a thumb regulated air flow control, that allows the user to control the amount of vacuum desired. The ergonomic swivel connection provides 360° rotation of the valve.

The Rotary Valve is complimented by a variety of cleaning accessories that bring versatility to the workstation including:

  • Valve stopper in two sizes to accommodate a choice of 3/8” or 1/2” diameter suction tips of various materials and lengths.
  • 3/4” Clear Vinyl large diameter suction tip for when the stopper is removed
  • 5 ½” wide area nozzle that fits the tapered outside diameter of the valve body for larger area clean-up
  • Rotary valve mounting bracket
  • Rotary valve cleaning brush
  • Hose couplings and “Y” connectors
  • Job specific accessories are also available upon request.

Micro Clean Products

Vacuum Tool Kits

Micro Clean vacuum tools are compatible with most Central Vacuum Systems, as well as any standard 1-1/4” portable vacuum cleaner.

Our Vacuum tools and attachments include:

  • Our exclusive 3/4” rotary valve assembly
  • Suction tips
  • Special purpose cleaning attachments
  • Spiral flex hose, available in four colors and lengths of 25 or 50 feet.
  • Inlet valve adapters

Micro Clean vacuum tool kits include a variety of vacuum cleaning tools. Options include:

  • Complete 3/4” rotary valve kit with valve, 2 sizes of suction tips, 1 special purpose wide area vacuum attachment, mounting bracket, cleaning brush, and spare rotary valve o-rings.
  • Colored Hose Kit includes 3/4” rotary valve and 1/2” valve stopper, 25 feet colored hose and standard central vacuum inlet valve adapter, 1-1/2” to ¾” hose.
  • Custom kits tailored for your specific needs are available upon request.

Standard 3/4" Rotary Valve Performance Specifications

Note: Actual valve and kit performance results will vary based upon the individual central vacuum system characteristics, such as piping size, volume capacity, manifold pressure, prior restrictions, etc. Valves and accessories require proper installation with appropriate tubing, connectors, and inlet valve / hose adapters. Please contact Centennial Equipment Company Inc. for additional information and assistance.

  • Test Criteria: 3/4" Rotary Valve
  • Vacuum Manifold Pressure: 3.5" HG.
  • Tubing Size: 3/4" Inside Diameter
  • Tubing Length: 10 feet
  • Measured Flow Rate at Valve: 18 scfm
Custom kits are also available to suit your application. Contact us for custom kit details and pricing.


Micro Clean and Centennial Equipment Company Inc. warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for one year from time of delivery. Micro Clean’s sole obligation under this warranty is to repair, or at its option, replace the defective product. The buyer shall have no other remedy. (All special incidental and coincidental damages are excluded.) Written notice of breach of warranty must be given to Micro Clean and Centennial Equipment Co., Inc. within the warranty period. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper installation or maintenance, accident or misuse. ALTHOUGH OUR TOOLS ARE USED IN CLEAN ROOM APPLICATIONS WORLDWIDE, WE MAKE NO CLAIMS CONCERNING ELECTRO STATIC BUILD UP, OR THE ELIMINATION OF SAID BUILD UP. OUR TOOLS HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED FOR ESD RESISTIVITY, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF OUR ESD HOSE. MICRO CLEAN / CENTENNIAL EQUIPMENT CO., INC. SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR DAMAGE, DUE TO ELECTRO STATIC DISCHARGE. NO OTHER WARRANTIES AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR OTHERWISE ARE MADE.