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As a drum pump distributor in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states, Centennial Equipment can provide expertise for all your drum, container and barrel pump needs. We work with a top drum pump manufacturer to provide solutions tailored for your requirements.

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We help customers meet drum pump challenges with cost effective solutions. Our experienced staff will partner with you to evaluate your specific pumping requirements for the type of fluid and the holding vessel. Our experts can provide assistance to select the right drum pump for your needs, or to maintain and repair the pump you have.

Centennial Equipment offers a selection of container pumps from a top pump manufacturer. Browse our drum pump products below.


Is there a Difference between Drum, Container and Barrel Pumps?

A drum pump is a pump designed to transfer fluids from barrels, IBCs, drums or storage tanks safely and efficiently. Drum pumps are also known as barrel pumps or container pumps. They function the same; the only difference is the fluid vessel on which they are installed. A variety of designs and pump configurations are available depending how the drum pump is used. Designs vary based on the size and type of container, the media being pumped, how completely the container needs to be emptied, and the on-site power supply.

What Is a Drum Pump Used for?

Drum pumps are primarily used for fluid transfer processes, and can often be found in the chemical, water, marine, and paper applications. Some drum pumps are mounted on large tanks, while others are portable. Pumps can be used to transfer corrosive media, cleaning solutions, salt water, or slurries to treatment systems or storage tanks.

Drum pumps and container pumps are designed for safety and economy when transferring liquids, with options available for:

  • neutral, aggressive, and flammable liquids
  • different-sized containers
  • pumping aqueous and light viscous liquids
  • mobile or stationary use
  • mixing and pumping at the same time
  • complete drum drainage

Benefits of Drum Pumps

A drum pump’s main advantage is that it eliminates the many risks related to manually handling containers. Manual handling causes injuries, chemical splashing, leaks, and toxic fumes. Because drum pumps are generally lightweight and portable pumps, they are easy to transfer between containers.

Drum pumps are available at various price points, and they are designed to fit the size of the container and type of fluid to be transferred. Whether you need a chemical drum pump, an oil barrel pump, another type of container pump, it pays to select the right drum pump to optimize performance, save energy and reduce cost.

Our team can develop durable, cost-effective drum pump solutions for your unique requirements in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states. Let our team help you find the right drum pump solution for your requirements.