Clean Room Tools

Centennial Equipment is a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of clean room tools since 1958. Because clean room requirements differ, we can help you develop the clean room vacuum tools solution that best fits your environment and needs.

Our experienced staff will partner with you to evaluate your clean room requirements, and can recommend a custom clean room hand tools solution tailored for your processes.

Your Clean Room Vacuum Tools Experts

Contact Centennial Equipment today to review your needs for clean room hand tools. We look forward to partnering with you to develop or maintain an efficient, static free, cost-effective clean room vacuum tools solution for your application.

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What Are Clean Room Hand Tools?

In a controlled cleanroom environment, pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and aerosol particles are filtered out to provide the cleanest area possible. Temperature, pressure, and humidity may be controlled, and certain procedures are followed to remove particles and keep the environment within acceptable parameters. Clean room vacuum tools enable targeted cleaning and removal of contaminants.

What are Clean Room Tools Used For?

Clean room tools are used in a range of environments that require facility clean room contamination control and micro cleaning applications, including laboratories, clean rooms, and other manufacturing environments.

The purpose of clean room hand tools is to provide targeted micro cleaning for processes that are easily affected by particles or contaminants in the air. Clean room tools are used for:

  • chip component and disc drive assembly
  • electronic parts
  • soldering benches
  • printed circuit board touch-up
  • laser bonding and trimming

Benefits of Clean Room Tools

When cleaning a cleanroom, removal of dust and particles needs to happen before sanitation, and vacuuming debris is more efficient than wiping it up with swabs and cloths. Dusting systems that use disposable cloths result in twice as much pollution as a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Vacuums eliminate fiber particles left behind by wipes and capture particles inside the machine.

Vacuuming with clean room hand tools that are designed specifically to collect and retain particles has several benefits:

  • prevent airborne particulate contamination
  • ensure product purity
  • safeguard employee health

Contact our clean room tools experts for the right custom solution of vacuum tools, suction tips, special purpose attachments, inlet valve adapters, and spiral flex hose. Whatever your clean room requirements, we can assist with the right custom solution to meet the highest manufacturing standards.