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What Is a Metering Pump or Dosing Pump?

A metering pump is a positive displacement pump that moves fluids via expanding and contracting cavities. Metering pumps (also called dosing pumps) are designed to dispense fluids with consistent volume and steady flow. They operate with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Metering and Dosing Pump Types

There are several types of metering pumps:

1. Gear pumps use rotating cogs or gears to transfer fluids.

2. Diaphragm dosing pumps use a flexible reciprocating membrane (diaphragm) to move fluid in and out, and they are sealless.

3. Hydraulic Dosing Pumps are used often in high pressure applications and use a hydraulic fluid to create back pressure.

4. Peristaltic pumps use a roller device to move fluid through a hose so fluid does not come in contact with the pump or outside environment.

5. Piston pumps use one or more reciprocating pistons inside a cylinder, driven by a crankshaft and connecting rod.

6. Syringe pumps use a syringe with a pusher block connected to a plunger.

What Is a Liquid Dosing Pump Used for?

The terms dosing pump and metering pump are often used interchangeably. Both deliver a controlled, predetermined amount of fluid to a system. These liquid metering pumps can be ideally suited for certain conditions.

  • Corrosive, hazardous, or high temperature fluids
  • High system pressure
  • Low flow rates
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Slurry or high viscosity media
  • Controlled dosing

Some applications for a positive displacement dosing pump include:

  • water treatment
  • industrial plants
  • medicine and laboratory
  • mining operations
  • food processing
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing

For a chemical metering pump, applications include challenging environments like high pressure and high temperature.

Benefits of Metering/Dosing Pumps

Metering pumps offer several design advantages to meet precise application requirements.

  • Move low amounts of liquid with accuracy and precision
  • Pump a variety of fluids, from thin to thick, including hazardous or corrosive chemicals
  • Prevent contamination of the pump and the workspace with pumping media

There are several types of metering pumps suited to specific applications. Selecting the right dosing pump depends on the pumping fluid, flow rate, and operating environment.

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