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Centennial Equipment is the Wastech sales representative for the Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Arizona region. Our knowledgeable sales engineers are experienced at providing technical expertise and Wastech selection assistance to our customers.

Since 2017, Centennial Equipment has been providing Wastech expertise, with a specialized focus in Pump Lift Stations, pH Adjustment, pH Neutralization, Process Chilled Water, and Vacuum Distillation.

Wastech Systems Industry Applications

Wastech controls are ideal for requirements in Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Food and Beverage, CBD, Chemical Manufacturing, Power Generation, and Solar industries. Wastech Engineering designs complete skid systems for simple installation. Specialized technologies like Wastech SkidLink enable operators to remotely log into their system’s PLC and HMI for wireless remote system monitoring and service. Wastech also offers tailored solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, such as Wastech fluoride removal systems.

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About Wastech Controls & Engineering

Since 1987, Wastech Controls & Engineering has been providing pH neutralization and pH adjustment systems, acid waste neutralization, and acid handling systems for industrial customers. Wastech Engineering manufactures solutions for chemical handling, water and wastewater treatment processes. They specialize in turn-key packaged systems for industrial waste treatment applications in a wide range of industries. Wastech Engineering offers complete skid mounted systems for pH adjustment, heavy metals and Fluoride removal, pump lift stations, solvent and chemical collection and delivery, process cooling water, custom filtration, ion exchange and related controls and software.

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