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Centennial Equipment is the exclusive Spencer Turbine representative for Colorado, Eastern Wyoming, and Eastern Montana. Since 1958, Centennial Equipment has provided unmatched selection assistance for Spencer Turbine products through the attention of our factory trained and technically knowledgeable sales engineers.

Our service expertise includes a specialized focus on Multistage Centrifugal Blowers and Vacuum Systems, Gas Boosters, and Vortex Blowers. For assistance in blower sizing, multi-blower purchasing for OEM equipment and any special needs, contact Centennial Equipment.

Spencer Turbine Systems, Parts & Service

Centennial Equipment is a certified repair center for The Spencer Turbine Company. As the authorized service center, Centennial Equipment has the most qualified factory trained technicians to perform Spencer Turbine repairs. We also stock the Spencer parts most frequently needed, and we offer on-premises consultations when needed.

Spencer Turbine Industry Applications

Spencer products are known for a wide range of applications including Industrial Vacuums and Blowers, Wastewater Aeration Systems, Rental Car Vacuum Systems, Central Vacuum Systems, Gas Boosters, and Flotation Cells. Spencer is known as a pioneer in technologies like gas boosters. Spencer natural gas boosters solve street level pressure issues with a centrifugal blower design that includes a unique leak-tight hermetic casing.

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About The Spencer Turbine Company

Since 1892, The Spencer Turbine Company has been creating innovative solutions for air and gas handling problems, providing engineered blowers and vacuums to customers in a variety of industries. Spencer's high quality vacuum systems, gas pressure boosters, industrial blowers, and other products are known for their long life and low maintenance operation. Spencer manufacturers well-known brands like Power Mizer® and Vortex®, as well as other products that provide engineering solutions for many of the world’s air handling problems.