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Centennial Equipment is an authorized Truflo Pump distributor in the USA. Our sales engineers are the most knowledgeable in the Rocky Mountain Region, providing Truflo pump selection assistance to our customers.

Centennial Equipment has been providing Truflo Pump service and expertise since 2023, with a specialized focus on Truflo Pump’s drop in place replacement capability for most ANSI pumps. Truflo’s line of pumps includes a complete range of horizontal end suction, self priming end suction, metallic mag-drive, non-metallic mag-drive, API 610 and API 685, and water pumps.

Truflo Pump Parts, Repair & Service

Centennial Equipment provides service, repair, and parts for Truflo Pumps. An authorized Truflo Pump distributor, Centennial Equipment has the expertise to perform your Truflo Pump repairs and can stock your commonly used Truflo parts. We offer on-premise consultations when needed.

Truflo Pump Industry Applications

Truflo Pumps are perfect for pumping requirements in Water, Oil & Gas, Agrichemical, Food and Beverage, Ethanol, General Industrial, Chemical/ Chemical Transfer, and LACT.

About Truflo Pumps

Truflo Pumps manufactures ANSI and API centrifugal process pumps distributed worldwide, with a history of manufacturing centrifugal pumps since 1984 and chemical process pumps since 1999. As a company that supplies world standard fluid handling and liquid control products, Truflo Pumps has developed a wide variety of process pumps for various industries including: refineries, petrochemical plants, paper mills, mining, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, steel, textiles, food and beverage, plating, chemical injection, pipelines, boiler feed, power and utility, automotive and OEMs. 

Truflo Pumps Brochure Downloads

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