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Centennial Equipment is your stocking Price Pump distributor for the Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. Since 1987, Centennial Equipment has been providing Price Pump sales and service expertise, with a specialized focus in Centrifugal Pumps and Seal-less Mag Drive Pumps. Our knowledgeable sales engineers draw on years of experience providing Price Pump selection assistance to our customers.

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Centennial Equipment is a recognized repair facility for Price Pump, fully qualified to perform your Price Pump repairs. We stock the Price pump parts most frequently called for and can offer on-premises consultations when needed.

Price Pump Industry Applications

Price Pumps are designed to meet pumping specifications for General Industrial, Oil & Gas, CBD Extraction, and LACT Charge Pump applications. Price Pump’s specialized pump technologies, like seal-less mag drive pumps, make Price Pumps a leader in leak-proof solutions for challenging pump applications.

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Since 1932, Price Pumps has been a leading pump manufacturer with a reputation for quality and service. Price Pumps has expertise in producing both non-metallic and stainless-steel pumps for applications like solvents, specialty chemicals and high temperature-high-pressure ultrapure water. Approximately 80% of US liquid-cooled laser manufacturers use Price Pumps to move ultra-pure cooling water for medical and industrial lasers. In addition, Price offers several magnetically driven seal-less pump models, AOD pumps, and VFDs. Price Pump Company is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.

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