Industrial Vacuum Systems

As an industrial vacuum systems distributor in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states since 1958, Centennial Equipment can provide expertise for all your industrial vacuum cleaning system needs. Our staff has experience designing, installing and maintaining energy efficient, cost effective, dependable industrial vacuum systems to distribute vacuum power throughout buildings of all sizes.

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What Is an Industrial Vacuum System?

Industrial vacuum units are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that remove dirt, dust, powders, chips, liquids, and other types of debris resulting from a manufacturing or industrial process. Industrial Vacuum systems are designed to help remove and dispose of contaminants and harmful materials safely.

What are Industrial Vacuum Units Used For?

Both manufacturing and industrial vacuum systems are essential to keeping equipment clean and keeping work environments healthy and safe. Large industrial vacuum systems are used in a wide range of applications, including clearing metal shavings and dust from a shop floor filled with lathes, or for recovery of spills in a manufacturing process. Industrial vacuum systems for dust can collect, filter, and purify the air in a work environment, creating a clean and safe workplace by removing heavy particulate concentrations. In a similar way, manufacturing vacuum systems filter and purify the air at manufacturing facilities to improve the environment.

Benefits of Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial vacuum systems are a critical safety component for many industrial and manufacturing environments. HEPA-filtered commercial vacuum systems are one of the best types of dust collection systems that OSHA recommends implementing. The benefits of an industrial vacuum unit include:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings

Central vacuum units with a fixed tubing network can simplify housekeeping, reduce equipment wear and tear and eliminate trip hazards. These units can quickly make up their purchase price due their durable construction and the efficiency that they add to the cleaning process.

When considering any industrial vacuum system, it’s important to consider the types of materials to be vacuumed and the best location for the vacuum producer. For experienced recommendations and quality industrial vacuum cleaning equipment that’s designed to meet your requirements, contact Centennial Equipment.