LACT Pipeline Booster

Centennial Equipment, a pipeline booster pump distributor in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states for over 80 years, can provide expertise for all your Oil and Gas pump and pipeline needs. We work with a top LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Pump) pump manufacturer to provide solutions tailored for your requirements.

LACT Booster Pump and Pipeline Injection Pump Experts

We have been helping customers meet unique pump and pipeline challenges with cost effective solutions since 1958. Our experienced staff will partner with you to design customized, energy efficient, and dependable systems that meet your exact pump requirements.

Centennial Equipment offers a range of LACT pump and pipeline equipment from a top pump manufacturer. Browse our products below.

What Is a Pipeline Booster Pump?

LACT Pipeline booster pumps are designed to transfer thin crude oils from well pad tank batteries into a pipeline lateral.

What Is a LACT Booster Pump Used for?

A LACT Booster Pump serves the crucial purpose of overcoming pipeline pressures and pipe friction losses to inject crude oil into a pipeline. Pipelines may run from the area of production or tank farms to refineries and when supplying consumer areas with refined products such as petrol, jet fuel, fuel oil and diesel oil.

Benefits of a Pipeline Booster Pump

A LACT pipeline booster pump offers several benefits to the pump and pipeline process.

  • Physically smaller pump and unit sizes (relative to Progressive Cavity and Plunger pumps)
  • Designed to handle thin crude at high pressures and high flows
  • Reliable, with fewer wear parts to maintain
  • Direct driven, no gear box or auxiliary equipment to keep lubricated or maintain
  • High efficiency
  • Adaptable

Many types of pipeline booster pumps and pipeline injection pumps are used in oil and gas transfer. Choosing the best pump and pipeline equipment helps optimize performance and reduce overall cost of operation.