Gas Pressure Boosters

As a distributor for industrial and commercial gas booster systems in Colorado, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain states since 1958, Centennial Equipment can provide expertise for all your gas boosting needs. We help customers meet unique gas booster challenges with cost effective solutions. We design an energy efficient, dependable gas pressure booster system that meets your space and performance requirements.

Your Gas Booster Experts

We look forward to partnering with you to design and/or maintain a gas pressure booster system that works efficiently and reliably to meet your pressure requirements. Centennial Equipment offers several sizes of gas boosters depending on your requirements. Browse our products below.


What Is a Gas Booster?

A Gas Booster system typically consists of a multistage centrifugal fan that is able to increase the gas pressure, a flow meter to ensure the correct amounts are supplied to your system, check valves for safety, and a heat exchanger to remove excess heat from the system and the pressure is increased. We can include a complete control system to integrate into your building management systems for plug and play convenience.

What Is a High Pressure Gas Booster Used For?

In many regions, the local utility company only provides natural gas with a pressure of a few inches of water (in-H2O). A Gas Pressure Booster is able to increase the pressure of this gas to several PSI (depending on your elevation). This can be very useful for providing sufficient gas pressure and flow to your equipment that needs it, such as furnaces and boilers. Additionally, when infrastructure is dated, gas may be available only at pressures lower than modern commercial and industrial equipment require, so a gas booster is used. In other cases, existing pipe capacity in a building might not meet the requirements of equipment added during renovations. And even in newer buildings, gas boosters may be used to reduce pipe header size on the upper building floors.

Benefits of an Industrial Gas Booster

Industrial gas boosters can:

  • Boost gas pressure to the units on higher floors in high rise construction
  • Ensure constant discharge pressure for building HVAC systems
  • Increase gas pressure to high consumption equipment

Natural gas boosters can offer cost savings due to the lower price of natural gas as compared to propane. A hermetically sealed natural gas booster increases pressure safely and reliably. For the safest, fastest and most reliable installation, gas booster systems should be chosen and sized for the exact requirements of the application.